How to become more confident in bed: 6 tips for prudes

How to become more confident in bed: 6 tips for prudes

How to become more confident in bed: 6 tips for prudes

1. Do what you can

Even if you doubt your sexual skills, there is surely at least one thing that you are really good at. Suppose you are not a guru of oral sex, but do an excellent job with a spanking, or are not sure about your kiss technique, but consider yourself a master of caress.

Spend a month doing what you can and what you like. Every time you do this, and also at the end of the designated period, think: "I am up to par, because I gave my partner a whole month of great sex ."

2. Try something new

As soon as you feel yourself a master in one area, start trying other things that you don’t feel so comfortable with. Do not immediately strive for great results - practice something new for fun.

It is useful to change your sexual scenario so that the process ceases to be of the same type and becomes interesting.

3. Laugh

Skills do not solve everything. What really makes sex good is your attitude towards it. If you can have fun and laugh when something goes wrong , success is in your hands.

4. Focus on what you love in your body.

You can constantly think about their shortcomings, but much better to assess the merits. Therefore, looking in the mirror, focus on what you like in your face and body. And on features that do not cause rapid enthusiasm, try to pay less attention.

5. Wear what enhances your confidence.

When you have a thing that (at least in your opinion) makes you irresistible, you automatically feel more confident. If you think you are good with the very lipstick, make up her lips before going to bed. Do you think you smell delicious after that lotion? Smear them before sex. No matter what makes you feel great, use it!

6. Repeat the mantra

To really convey to yourself the message of your confidence, arm yourself with a mantra like “I am sexy”. Repeat it, looking in the mirror, write the phrase in a diary, place stickers with these words throughout the apartment. The more you hear something, the more you believe in it.

The task of becoming more confident seems complicated, but if you break it down into small subparagraphs, the mission becomes feasible. What is the profit from this? Once you successfully implement these methods in the bedroom, confidence will increase in other areas of your life

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