11 Small Apartment Balcony Ideas with Pictures

11 Small Apartment Balcony Ideas with Pictures

Do you have a little gallery? Do you need the motivation to remodel it? See these 11 little condo overhang thoughts with pictures. 

Frequently the individuals who have a little overhang don't discover thoughts to accomplish something because of the size. Be that as it may, with certain progressions you can enliven a modest space that way and make it comfortable particularly in the spring. So look at these 11 little condo overhang thoughts and move yourself. 

Little Apartment Balcony Ideas 

Spring is coming and even an outside littler space like a gallery can be adjusted and outfitted by your taste.

Organize and optimize the available space


Obviously, the first thing to do before proceeding with any decision is to estimate the space that you have actually available. Check out these tips before setting up your balcony garden.


If for example, the space is so small it can not accommodate a table and chairs, do not be discouraged if you can not sit outside, but rather stay focused on how to enhance whatever you have.


Maybe you can’t bring a dining table there but that does not mean you can not opt for an alternative, a small coffee table, and a chair or two so that you can sip a coffee and read your favorite book outdoors.


Choose a wrought iron table, painted in a color you like and suits the style of your dinky balcony.


On that coffee table put your favorite magazines and a beautiful flowering plant or two. You can also place a pot of herbs like mint, lavender or thyme. Its fresh aroma will tune up your mood.


Always choose folding furniture for a small space. You can get more information on how to choose furniture for a balcony here.



You can also opt for furniture that has storage option. A bookshelf, a rack can be kept there too.

Bring the plants


Plants are essential things you’ll need to have to decorate a small balcony. Hang potted plants behind the railings and on the walls.



Avoid using too much floor space of your balcony, do not overcrowd it. Instead, devise ways to utilize vertical space to double up your space. It is the best space savvy solution that’ll allow you to have more plants.

Light up your balcony


A small balcony has no need of powerful lighting but it requires a bright practical and functional solution. LED lights are for you. They are small, Eco-friendly and save your bill.


Candles are also a great way to bring a bright, warm touch to the balcony. In a warm evening, light up some candles and sit, you’ll love this.